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Add Light To Your Kitchen

Light’s Makes Your Kitchen Come a Life

The kitchen is often the activity hub of the house, it’s a workspace, a social space and entertainment space, so it is important to have good lighting.

The ceiling usually provides the main source of light, but how often do you find yourself working under cabinets in the dark?

Here are some tips to add some much needed light to your kitchen.

- Remove the ceiling light and add a ceiling fan. This will not only add light but the fan feature will circulate the air to keep the kitchen a bit cooler.

- Lighting sources should be placed under the cabinetry. Fluorescent lighting strips or down lights will give you some much needed focused light for each workspace.

- Update your current cabinetry by inserting glass windows panes to it. The glass will reflect much of the room’s light, and will add depth to the kitchen. Keep in mind though, having windows in your cabinetry will put all your mess on display, so apply this feature to only some sections of the kitchen

- To make your kitchen seem larger, opt for warm light colours. Darker shades will close up the space and won’t invite any extra light in!

- Keep your backsplash light also. A shiny surface in a bright colour will keep the room feeling more light and spacious.

- Plants can add a refreshing touch to kitchen décor. Above the sink or on window sills, the plants add fresh colour and a feel good vibe.


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