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Child proof your kitchen

Kitchen Safety Tips  

With the emergence of so many reality cooking shows including kids-focussed programming like Junior Masterchef, attention is now turning to designing kitchen spaces that are safe and secure for the young ones to shine.

Disturbingly, around 14,000 children under five years of age are admitted to hospital each year with kitchen related injuries in Australia. It’s this sobering statistic that has compelled kitchen companies like Kitcheners Kitchens to design practical yet stylish child-friendly kitchen range.

From a practical perspective, a family friendly kitchen will often have island breakfast benches and open-planned layouts to allow enhanced interaction. However it is some of the do’s and dont’s that should most concern parents, such as:

• If the oven sits under the bench (rather than mounted in a wall unit) select one with a child lock, that is also either triple or quadruple glazed, ensuring it’s cool to touch.

• Ensuring close proximity of the stove to the sink, minimising the carrying of hot food and possible scalding.

• Choosing durable materials that are easy to maintain and won’t easily scratch.

• Optimal bench heights without sharp edges that may reduce the risk of potential harm for curious kids.

• Positioning electrical outlets close to the bench surface where appliances are.

• If you are thinking of child proof locks for cabinet doors keep in mind that as your toddlers grow up, you will want to easily deactivate these locks, thus be sure to make an allowance for this.

Speak to a designer at Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town if you would like to know more about kitchens that are great for chefs of all ages. They would be delighted to share some more child friendly design tips.


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