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For though's who want to redecorate there Kitchen in cape town at a affordable.  

Decorating a Kitchen

Decorating a kitchen, we at Helderbeg Kitchen Cape Town believe decorating a kitchen must have a few essentials:

Clutter free, Remember that the whole idea to refurnish or redecorate your kitchen is to make the kitchen a warm and friendlier place to work at for you  and your family. Try out a few de-clutter ideas to decorate your kitchen. Go for hanging panels for your glasses that we can custom design for you on request here at Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town. If there are cabinets, make sure you have shelves so that stacking up items is in a neat fashion. Remember, shelves and corners done up nicely can be one of the best decorating kitchen ideas, visit our cabinets section at Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town.  

Be functional, to decorate your kitchen you don’t need any useless décor items. Use all the goods you have on hand to increase the face of your kitchen. If you use it for food preparation, a decorative spice rack or canister set would be a great addition. A beautiful cookbook rack or counter top bookshelf would also be useful for keeping your cookbooks close at hand, in addition to adding a decorative touch. Other useful and yet functional additions include hanging a suspended pot rack over your island or stove, tiered wire fruit basket, wine rack, or wine glass rack over the island, to keep things you use frequently close at hand.

Colour them new, If you stick to neutral colours, you can add accessories, art, or curtains in a striking colour as an accent. To decorate a kitchen, one cannot ignore the vibrate that makes you swirl.

Neutral colours also sell if you decide to decorate your kitchen and these decorate a kitchen ideas are all about bringing in the new and re-utilising the old!

Appliances, If your appliances are in good working order, you can update their look by painting them. If you are afraid to do it yourself, take them to an automobile paint shop and have it done. It is well worth the expense, which will be much less than new appliances.

Counter tops- New counter tops are available by us at Helderberg kitchen cape town in any size your heart desire.

They are custom cut and ready to install.

Since, decorating a kitchen can be costly, but we at Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town try to keep the coast down by only using what is needed bringing you counter at a affordable prices and giving you kitchen a new look with a new kitchen top.

wooden Floors, this is the ground reality when it comes to decorating the kitchen. The new style of combining classic and modern, a dark wooden floor makes it surprisingly high end look. And they can be quickly installed.

Hanging pots, take those pots and pans out and hang them up. They increase your functionality since, they will be easily accessible giving you that Classic English but new modern American look that we all want in Cape Town.


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