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Child Proof Your Kitchen

From a practical perspective, a family friendly kitchen will often have island breakfast benches and open-planned layouts to allow enhanced interaction. However it is some of

Kitchen Design

We all want a kitchen specially a kitchen that fits your style, but redoing or building a new kitchen can be costly in Cape Town or even in general in South Africa.

How To Get Rid Of Moulds In Your Home or Kitchen

Moulds are living organisms and reproduce by releasing spores into the atmosphere, similar to mushrooms and other fungi. The spores from certain

Lights Make a Kitchens

The kitchen is often the activity hub of the house, it’s a workspace, a social space and entertainment space, so it is important to have good lighting.

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We offer only the highest quality kitchens in Cape Town,

We also specialize in Kitchen Cupboards, Bedroom Cupboards as well as Bathroom Cupboards and wooden flooring.

We bring you only the highest quality kitchens and cupboards in Cape Town at the most affordable prices.

A kitchen can definitely be the heart of the home. Think about it, a beautiful kitchen would want to make you stay in that room, which leads to conversation.

I could easily go on to say that it could lead to better relationships, because of the fact that communication takes place. What is nicer than sitting in the kitchen late at night with a cup of hot chocolate and having a good heart to heart chat.

If the kitchen is beautiful, it could be a topic of conversation. If the kitchen had a nice breakfast nook for instance. Then and you would be sitting at it. Good lighting in the kitchen area is also attractive and creates a feeling of warmth, love and caring. There are so many ideas that could be used. These are only a couple of aspects that are covered, but there is a lot that goes into a beautiful as well as practical kitchen.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is. By Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town

How to stay up to date with new and exciting kitchen trends.

Stay up to date with the latest and newest kitchen, kitchen and cupboards, wooden flooring and even cupboard doors in cape town   

Amazing Kitchen articles

Read more about kitchens and cupboards, wooden flooring and even how door handles can put a new spin in your kitchen and home  

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How To Build or Renovate You Children Friendly Bathroom

This is a must read article, the best tips for your children friendly bathroom and it can also be implemented on your  own bathroom   

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Decorate or redecorate your kitchen with this new helpful article

Decorating a kitchen, we at Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town believe decorating a kitchen must have a few essentials:

Clutter free, Remember that the whole idea to refurnish or redecorate your kitchen is to make the kitchen a warm and friendlier place to work at for you  and your family. Try out a few de-clutter ideas to decorate your kitchen

Rising petrol and food prices may have placed damage on your plans to remodel your kitchen this year, but there are some economical and easy ways to update and upgrade your kitchen. We at Helderberg Kitchens, by making a few mere changes, using decorative lighting fixtures over the kitchen counter and in the kitchen cupboards, can have a big visual impact, creating a fresher and more up to date look and feel and it is considerably less expensive than replacing the cabinets or kitchen counter-tops. We at Helderberg Kitchens can provide advice and answers to any questions you may have.

Economical Kitchen Makeover.

If a kitchen is the heart of any home then the cupboards are the face of your home.

Rebuilding kitchens and cupboards have never been so easy and cost-effective.

There are only three steps needed to start building your dream kitchen and cupboards.

1.) Complete the 'quote form' above.

2.) Create an idea of a kitchen and cupboard you want or find a kitchen and cupboard in a magazine you like

3.) We make a friendly visit and see what your dream kitchen  looks like and give you a free quote.

As simple as one, two,  three, just from Helderberg Kitchens, your number one choice in kitchens and cupboards.  

Kitchens And Cupboards To Believe In