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Here is the best hits and tips ever, from Helderberg Kitchen Cape Town.

Designing a children friendly Bathroom

Designing a children friendly bathroom can be hard work and even challenging. Colours and patterns are mostly recommended in small amount of doses, but too much funky colours and patterns can make the your children’s bathroom room run a risk of being quickly outgrown.

We at Helderberg Kitchens Cape Town are going to share you some trade secrets on designing a children friendly bathroom that's both fun and last a life time (or till thy grow up and move out).

Children love colour, and it might be tempting to paint every single wall in bright colour tones & primary hues. However it's very important to remember that too much colour or multiple colours can be very distracting to children and others.

"Colour is an important thing for everybody, you will need to find the right balance of dosage, using colour in the fixtures, like a sink or even the shower curtain, or the wall mural.

Try to keep the walls and floor basic by using baby tone colours or just adding a small amount of white to your paint, and you can even add splashes of colour with the new or old tiles to give it a new twist including towels, and other fixtures as well as accessories. A lilac green or blue sink will always stand out if the surrounding walls are purl white or even neutral. Mint Greens, Taxi yellow, baby blues, will work great in a children’s bath’s, and they are not overpowering, like deep pink or natural orange can be.

Patterns are important and mostly a must use when you work with as colours. A painted sink will add a playful surprise to the normal standard fixture, the painted sink will also fit in any mature bathroom in the house.


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