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New features in V77

Cupboard Manager V7.7 now ready for download by registered uses.

1. ) Program make use of one database instead of different files for each project.

2. ) Settings to select bearing runners on all drawers..

3. ) Add capability to have rooms with L-shapes.

4. ) Click on walls to create front views.

5. ) Change top wine rack to have several uprights.

6. ) Add bottom wine rack.

7. ) Add top single and two door unit with a drawer at the bottom.

8. ) Improved snapping of units.

9. ) Exporting views in floor plan to JPEG files for emailing.

10.) E-Mail of quotations and invoices.

11.) Improved quotation and invoice in html format.

12.) Comparing of prices when doing quotations and selecting of cheapest supplier.

13.) Updating of single or same-priced items or increasing supplier prices by percentage.

14.) Capability to do up to 4 floor plans on a single project.

15.) Naming of different plans.

16.) Setting to make top unit side panels longer than unit height.

17.) Setting to change door frames to two strips with glass in the center.

18.) Displaying of glass on front views.

19.) Setting to allow for floor or wall units to be grooved separately.

20.) Add 5 new colors to the front views :

               American Wallnut.

               Burgandy Mahogany.

               Wallnut Avignon.


               Wild Apple.

21.) Add capability to get a front view of units on floor center.

22.) Adding, editing and displaying of cutouts, miters and grooves on board optimization.

23.) Suggesting of hardware quantities.

24.) Setting to make doors left or right swing.

25.) Displaying of doors on plan views.

26.) Setting of default printers to print cutting lists on labels or plain paper.

27.) Setting of display and print colors for board optimization.

28.) Vastly improved visual appearance of all features.

29.) Ability to edit unit cutting list directly in the unit cutting list screen.

30.) Ability to add or remove cornice on cupboards.

31.) Ability to add or remove light shields on cupboards.

32.) Automatically add plinths and top fillers to cutting list.

33.) Add Top unit with extractor fan below.

34.) Add eye-level oven/Microwave combination unit.

35.) Add ability to remove kitchen unit doors to view unit frame layout on front views.

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